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Slow-release Solid Organic Fertilizer. Not fermented.

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Slow-release Solid Organic Fertilizer. Not fermented.

Its composition makes it very suitable for older plants and for those living in areas with hotter and wetter ambient temperatures

Specific for flowering and pre-flowering, ideal for bonsai and azaleas in flower / fruit.

Japanese organic fertilizer of mid-range, fruit of the experience of the masters of Japanese bonsai.

Slow release and easy to use.

Use:you just have to take into account that not being fermented requires enough moisture for its fermentation to occur (it can release some odor), and also later for it to release the nutrients. It lasts up to 5 weeks.

It is recommended to administer it in autumn and spring to have a splendid flowering of your bonsai.

In spring it will be advisable to accompany it with a liquid fertilizer.

Great for feeding your plants naturally, while improving soil structure.

Composition: Nitrogen (N) 5% (water soluble) - Phosphorus (P) 5% (water soluble) - Potassium (K2O), 2% (water soluble)

NPK 5-5-2

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