Joy Tamahi Coarse Grain Fertilizer 8 Kg.

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Slow-release Solid Organic Fertilizer. Not fermented.

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Slow-release Solid Organic Fertilizer. Not fermented.

For all kinds of bonsai.

Mid-range Japanese organic fertilizer, the result of the experience of Japanese bonsai masters.

Slow release and easy to use.

Use: keep in mind that not being fermented requires enough moisture for fermentation to occur (it can release some odor), and also after it releases the nutrients. It lasts up to 5 weeks.

Place directly in the pot or in fertilizer containers. Cover with sphagnum moss to maintain moisture and aid fermentation.

Administration is recommended in autumn and spring.

In spring it will be advisable to accompany you with a liquid fertilizer.

Great for feeding your plants naturally and improving the structure of the soil.

NPK 5.3-5-1

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