Lombrico Raices Fertilizer 5 L.


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It enhances root development, favoring the development of secondary roots. It contains organic matter and polysaccharides that in addition to improving the physical characteristics of the soil facilitate the growth of beneficial microorganisms for the plant.

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Brand: Lombrico

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Total nitrogen (N) 0.8% p/p
Organic nitrogen (N) 0.8% p/p
Free amino acids 6.0% p/p
pH x 5.7
Density: 1.2 kg/L


Root stimulant that also acts generally in all stages of tree development. It contains amino acids, plant extracts, polysaccharides, algae extract and microelements. It stimulates the production of absorbent roots and hairs, so it is ideal after root pruning.

Dosage and mode of use
Dilute 3 mL of product in 1 L of water and water normally with this mixture. Make 2-3 applications with interval of 10-15 days, especially after root pruning and any rooting problems. It is recommended to apply together with LOMBRICO BONSI ESCUDO in case of soil fungi.

Note: 1 stopper x 30 mL

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