Aminolom Super 40 1L pass.


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Its very high content of L-amino acids, of plant origin, provides the plant with great vigour throughout the vegetative cycle.

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Due to its rapid action, it returns to the plant all its vigor, and regulates the growth of the plant and the ripening of the fruit. Increases the concentration of chlorophylls. Extends the vegetative cycle of the crop. Improves the effect of plant protection products applied together. Promotes pollination and germination. Increases fruit size, weight and precocity.

In short, it stimulates plant metabolism and improves the overall state of the crop. The product helps the recovery of crops after adverse weather conditions, stress situations, transplants, vegetative delays, etc.

GUARANTEED CONTENT Nitrogen (N) total 5.0 % (p/p) Nitrogen (N) organic 5.0 % (p/p) Free amino acids 40.0 % (p/p) Physical state: liquid. Soluble concentrate (SL). pH x 6.8 Density - 1.2 kg/L Net content: 1 – 5 – 20 L Class A: heavy metal content lower than the limits authorised for this classification. Concentration limits Class A Heavy metal mg/kg Cadmium 0.7 Copper 70 Nickel 25 Lead 45 Zinc 200 Mercury 0.4 Chromium (total) 70 Chromium (VI) 0

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