We offer you the possibility to attend our school-workshop assiduously in order to improve your training in bonsai. Workshops throughout the year on the last Saturday of each month (except August and December). - At your fingertips you can have all kinds of material besides the one you contribute, from modest seedlings and trees to the last thing we have imported from Japan.


  • Our facilities at your disposal, farmland, greenhouses, exhibition and work classrooms.
  • The widest assortment of new and used Japanese pots in Europe.
  • All kinds of accessories, tools and substrates.
  • Special discounts for students on all our products

Initiation courses consisting largely of theoretical and to a lesser extent practice.

  • Quick courses to get you started in this exciting world of bonsai on weekends to be agreed.
  • Theoretical, illustrations, drawing, photography, about bonsai and its history.

premio Workshops, talks and home demonstrations for group individuals or associations and clubs (see availability and prices).

  • I travel to your city, town, club or association for individual or group workshops (maximum 8 people).
  • Workshops to be held according to season and situation of the trees to work.
  • Design, formation, cultivation of each species.

Advice and maintenance of collections.

  • We answer your questions and move to guide in maintenance, establishment and advice in initiation of advanced collections or collections.
  • Advice on the design and arrangement of your garden.
  • We guide you and look for the ideal pot for your bonsai.

How to participate in workshops and courses:

If you are interested in belonging to or participating in the School in one way or another you can contact me via the following email or if you prefer by calling our facilities directly at 962970723.


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