In Medibonsai we provide a wide range of services related to bonsai. Our facilities are specially prepared to meet the needs that may arise as an amateur or professional.

Possibility of maintenance and redesign of trees during daycare (according to budget)

Advice and maintenance of trees and collections.

Design and formation of bonsai sending us your tree.

Transplants (depending on time of year)

If you wish, we can transplant your trees. Weak or sick trees will not be accepted, except under the responsibility of the owner. We offer one month of daycare after transplantation, if during the stay any incident is observed the owner is advised advising with the steps to follow, performing treatments if the tree needs it.


Up to 25cm.

From 26cm. to 45cm. 50o

From 46cm. to 100cm. 70o

More than 101 cm. To consult.

More information

  • Sandblast for dead wood.
  • Import of trees under the reservation of the customer.
  • Transfer of trees to national and international exhibitions.
  • Advice on tables and pots for exhibition.
  • Manufacture of boxes for transport.

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