AEREALocated in the town of Pobla Llarga about 40 km from Valencia was born about 20 years ago Medibonsai, initially begins as the extension of a love dating back to about 1987, at that time there was little about Bonsai in Spain but my persistence and subsequently continuous formation and dedication has paid off with the course of time.

On this path, which has not been easy, there have been different times and phases since the 90s was more self-taught on my part, focusing more on the cultivation in the soil of deciduous trees such as carps and maples and also on the consolidation of the first structures and facilities as a nursery.

The 2000s bring us changes and we begin to introduce higher quality bonsai as a product of our travels in Europe, while making the first expansion of our premises, we gradually improve our facilities and ensure that in Medibonsai you can find what the amateur is looking for and that it is a carpeGrande reference point for them.

From 2000 on, my work and dedication to bonsai and my nursery is intensified, with new extensions, new website and for about 10 years we have traveled assiduously to Japan to import annually trees, pots and accessories of proven quality in order not only to improve Medibonsai but also in the spirit of achieving an improvement and a greater understanding for the amateur in Spain of what is the world of bonsai from a less closed and much more open perspective towards the traditional Japanese bonsai and its culture.

Since 2010 and with already a background of many years of learning and training is also launched the " MedibonsaiSchool" of which I am a tutor and that has permanently a large number of places for different stages and types of training.

shoinCurrently in addition to our School, we also offer our students and clients in general nursery services, maintenance of trees and collections, advice on bonsai training and development issues, phytosanitary advice, we work your trees and transfer your trees to exhibitions, and of course, we try to be present at both the national and international level in the most prestigious and important bonsai exhibitions that can be found today, always accompanying our presence of a Stand-Medibonsai of sale when the occasion permits.

I think that the path traveled has been expensive and complicated on some occasions, not always well understood and valued, but we are satisfied with our work and happy to be able to contribute our grain of sand in what the Bonsai means in Spain and we will continue forward trying to be a reference and an aid for all fans, with work, dedication and perseverance.

Germán Gómez Soler.

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