Germán Gómez


He began his career at bonsai in 1988, took two design and training courses at IBERBONSAI 1991-92, where he coincides with the attendance and workshops of John Naka, he collaborates with the newly appeared magazine in Spain Bonsái Autóctono, member of the Valencian Association of Bonsai since its inception, in 1994 he attends and participates as an exhibitor in the XXV EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF BONSAI where he personally meets Saburo Kato, founder and owner of the @6R7F0 nursery since 1995.

Practice the technique of soil cultivation of different species for bonsai since 1998, in the 2000s increases and expands its facilities and introduces one of its favorite species "the howler" and travels through different European nurseries from where Japanese species such as maples import, Juniperos, pines, etc., from 2005 travels to Japan annually, where it increases its formation and assiduously imports bonsai for its nursery and enters the world of pots, being one of the specialties of @8L4P8 today.

duquesaIn 2010-11 he chaired the bonsai Paterna association, organizing the exhibition corresponding to that year of this entity. Member of the Nippon Bonsai Association, Inc. and the Unione Bonsaisti Italiani (UBI).

In recent years he has actively participated in the world of exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, achieving with its trees important awards such as :

1st Prize 1st Edition Bonsai Paterna Competition 2008 (Valencia), 1st Nishikiten Award 2009 (Barcelona), Nishikiten Composition Award 2009 (Barcelona), Masterpiece Alcobendas Competition 2010 (Madrid), Special Paternal Mention 2011 (Valencia), Mention of Merit of the European Association of Bonsai in Noelanders Trophy 2012 (Belgium), 1st Prize Contest Alcobendas 2012 (Madrid), Masterpiece in collaboration with Pedro Paes Contest Alcobendas 2012 (Madrid) , Mention of Merit in collaboration with Pedro Paes Noelanders Trophy 2013 (Belgium), 1st UBI and IBS Award for Best Bonsai at the XII Arcobonsai Italia Trophy 2013, 1st Prize chuhin Nishikiten category 2013, 3rd Prize category chuhin Niemeyer 2013, 1st Kifu category award in Noelandanders Trophy 2014, UBI Award best tree in Italy (Torino), 1st IBS Arcobonsai Italia Award 2014 and Arcobonsai Italia Award "I defend the Olive" , Masterpiece in Saulieu 2014, Chuhin Category Alcobendas Award 2015, Masterpiece in Noelanders Trophy 2015, 1st UBI Italia Award (Marostica) 2015, Mention of MErito UBI Italia (Marostica) 2015, Chuhin Silver Medal and Silver Medal Day National Congress of Germany, Masterpiece Noelanders Trophy 2016, 1st Category Award Kifu Noelanders Trophy 2018, Masterpiece Noelanders Trophy 2018.

He has now increased his dedication to his MEDIBONSAI nursery and the tasks involved, for several years teacher and tutor of his school MEDIBONSAI.

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