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  • Visit to the Kimura nursery 2017

    Although we already know that the kimura nursery is one of the most seen and photographed, I will not deprive you of some photos that I made on my last visit a month ago, here I leave you some images.Read More

    08/27/2017 Home, opinion 0
  • What was it from the Spanish Bonsai Association ?

    What was it from the Spanish Bonsai Association ?

    For several years now, the best awards and accolades have fallen on the side of the Spaniards who exhibit and exhibit there, as for the stands because I would dare to say that the Spanish contribution is also one of the best with the main professionals of our country, I mean by this that Spain, for some years now , is spearhead not only here but in the rest of the most relevant exhibitions of the European panorama, having said all this you will wonder what all this has to do with the AEB (Spanish Bonsai Association), well much and nothing depending on how you look at it, but I will try to clarify it in the best possible way.Read More

    05/28/2017 Home, opinion 0
  • Nishikiten, things well done.

    Nishikiten, things well done.

    Nishikiten, things well done. For the first time after some years of hearing repeated praise of this exhibition I have decided to expose and participate in it and the truth I believe that the effort has been worth it, with a perfect organization, a quiet and pleasant place and above all the will to do things well, betting on quality rather than quantity , if we add to all this the presence of the master Imai Chiharu and of artists and national exhibitors of the first line, we have the necessary ingredients for the thing to go in good directions.Read More

    10/20/2015 opinion 0

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